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Highly happy people know they are capable of great things.

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Their passion is an extension of the love and appreciation they have for living a life of meaning and purpose.

Highly happy people express their appreciation for all that fills life.

Covey Happiness is the natural result of habitually living and thinking in certain ways. They refuse to dwell on doom and gloom “what-if” thinking.

As a matter of fact, happiness is something that is quite predictable for almost all people (those with chemical imbalances, for instance, may be excluded) as we develop certain habits of thought, belief, action and character. They think imaginatively, picturing in their mind’s eye the life they want to live, the person they want to be, the way they want to serve, the meaning they want to impart, the family they want to raise, the relationships they want to enjoy.

They recognize a higher sphere and look to feed that part of their lives that is in tune with the infinite. They meditate and pray and connect to spiritual things.


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