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Kerry felt ashamed of her sister even as she felt her own cunt grow damp again.Staring at the throng of unconscious, drunken college boys who had spent the past twelve hours raping them, Kerry allowed her mind to wander over the events of the past few months.She was an unwilling slave and a model for what Kerry and Lindley’s abusers expected them to become.

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A pair of siblings discover that their webcam teasing has attracted the wrong kind of attention.

Painful steel-toothed clamps hung from their sore nipples and labia and their breasts, bottoms and cunts were red from flogging.

Lindley had screamed in agony while her abusers directed their ejaculate toward her face and eyes, which burned and stung so severely that she nearly cut her skin struggling against her restraints.

The men had kindly wiped her eyes and provided her with a blindfold, and soon her screaming faded into a moan that persisted throughout the night.

Kerry’s younger sister was pressed against her left side, and an older brunette woman was leaning against her right.