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All severity types and error messages are displayed. In this lesson, you will learn how to populate a Data Set with data from an XML document.

Figure 6.3 shows the results of validating the file using an external DTD file. In addition, you will learn how to write XML documents using data from a data source.

In the previous lesson, you learned about the SOM and its features that enable you to create in-memory schemas.

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In addition, DTD specifies the content and values in an XML document. Validation Event Handler, Address Of _ Validation Callback while(Reader. Write Line("Validation finished") end sub public shared sub Validation Call Back (sender As object, args As _ Validation Event Args) Console. The value that you pass to the Xml Node Type parameter of Xml Validating Reader determines how you parse an XML string.

The XML document that you create can either have inline DTD or a reference to an external DTD file. Schemapublic class DTDValidation public shared sub Main() Dim Reader As Xml Text Reader = new Xml Text Reader("emp.xml") Dim Validater As Xml Validating Reader Validater = new Xml Validating Reader(Reader) Validater. Table 6.10 describes how each type of XML fragment is parsed when Xml Validating Reader reads the XML fragment.

Schema Performs XML Schema validation, expands the default attributes, and supplies Type information.

If the Xml Validating Reader finds a DTD or XML Schema, Xml Exception is thrown indicating mixed validation types.

You can ensure the validation of XML documents by using the Xml Validating-Reader class.