Xbox 360 video list not updating

xbox 360 video list not updating-4

The only update so far since release has been for the Fx Pipeline Shaders mod, and I recommend you to update it if you had the "blur" bug present in Intel HD and newer driver version Radeon 7000 cards.

Apart from some minor layout changes to fix bugs in some levels, there's not much else to patch other than adding brand new content.

This also includes an indepth explanation of most replacements, workarounds, and design decisions that made it into the final product.

It should be an interesting insight into how modding a game that has absolutely zero official modding tools or support works, and all the problems that had to be solved as a result.

There might be some inaccuracies on the timing of the events, but most of what I explain here can be checked on the 255-pages long hacking topic over at Sonic Retro.


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