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The best songs are: I guess that the soundtrack score for Avatar was one of the most anticipated ones (besides Inception) in 2010, as it was reported that James Horner had worked for over a year to make this soundtrack a true masterpiece that would match James Cameron’s epic movie Avatar.

My favorite of the soundtrack is called “Becoming one of “The People” Becoming one with Neytiri” and comes with stunning ethnic vocals and slight jungle rhythms in the background.

Other songs that could be of interest for you (if you liked the ones named above) are “Armory“, “End of Line“, “Fall” and “The Game has Changed“.

The Tron Legacy Soundtrack is highly addictive, especially when you like Daft Punk.

In the following, you’ll find some of my most favorite movie soundtracks that motivate me, enhance my creativity and help me whenever I’m facing a lack of inspiration.