World series of speed dating introduction dating letter

When on a first date — or, really, in any situation — it’s probably best to just be yourself.

There’s no use faking a connection: If you don’t click with your potential mate, you probably wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with them anyway.

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Still, the researchers’ findings aren’t meant to be rules for how to interact on a first date.

Instead, they’re observations about the factors that contribute to romantic chemistry.

Every hour during Meet the breed events, a new group of dogs will be introduced and discussed in detail by experts.

These “mini-dates” provide a quick way for spectators to learn what to expect as a dog owner to a specific breed.

Everyone gets a chance to meet (and flirt); and successful pairings are given contact info to try their luck in the "real world."Speed dating is useful for obvious reasons, like sharing horror stories about inappropriate participants.