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Your connections settings may be improved by making additional configuration changes to your "PAWS-Secure" settings as detailed below.Troubleshooting PAWS-Secure on Ubuntu This document will provide some basic PAWS-Secure troubleshooting information for Ubuntu.

These bugs sometimes manifest when Android devices renew their network connections automatically.

The only fix for this currently is to disable and then re-enable your wireless connection to initiate a full renegotiation. Choose "Settings" menu, click "Wireless & networks".

You may only need to perform one or two of these in order to resolve your issues. Is "PAWS-Secure" at the top of your "Preferred Networks"? Once verified, click "Configure..." button next to "Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)". Click "OK" on this menu box and click "OK" to return to "PAWS-Secure Wireless Network Properties" and the "Security" tab we were previously on.

Is IPv4 configured for "Using DHCP" and IPv6 disabled under your network preferences? On the "Security" tab we are going to do a number of steps: Make sure "Security type:" is "WPA-Enterprise" or "WPA2-Enterprise" (best) Make sure the network authentication method is: "Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP) Then click the "Settings" button. On the "Security" tab click the "Advanced settings" button.

Visit the Mac OSX 10.6 Troubleshooting Guide for details.


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