Who is ruth jones dating

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Who is ruth jones dating

It was probably just a coincidence that he'd been at his window the same time I was at mine.

I chuckled to myself at the notion of a nice looking teenage boy bothering to ogle a woman old enough to be his granny.

I skittered backwards from the window so fast I banged against the bed and sat on it with a thump.

At first I didn't know whether to be amused or furious; but then, he hadn't really seen anything, only me in my nightie, and I'd answered the front door to the postman dressed like that more than once.

My name's Ruth, and I live in a little place called Penarth, just outside Cardiff, Wales. I'm small, five-feet-three, with a helmet of short nut brown hair and I suppose I'm a bit dumpy – I could do with losing 20 pounds or so.


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