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As my colleague Jon Wertheim once wrote about the analyst: "Her bold, 'I don't care who might be chapped by what I'm about to say approach' separated her from too many of her colleagues." Deluged with e-mails on the subject of Carillo's departure, Wertheim dropped an interesting line in a , saying there was a "philosophical difference" between Carillo and ESPN, and that she left the network on her own accord.It doesn't take a leap to surmise that the philosophical difference rested in Carillo believing the tone and tenor of ESPN's coverage was closer to cheerleading than reporting.

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"People come and go and you can ask me that same question about different sports at different times. He called me at some point during the mid-year [of 2010] and said with sort of the grind she had -- she was working for HBO, NBC, CBS, and ESPN -- that she wanted to experiment and do some different things beyond just tennis.

The load of the ESPN tennis was not allowing her to do that, and that's when the first discussions came out. Given everything she had done for ESPN and the high level she had given us, if that was what she wanted to do, of course we would accommodate her.

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The world's best tennis players are in Australia this week. Mary Carillo quietly left ESPN last year during the middle of the U. Open, leaving the network with one year remaining on her contract.