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It emerges that Nick's bigotry is a result of having been raped in prison by his cellmate Jensen, who abducts Nick and Gabi upon his release.

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But life throws all these things at them and basically the only way Will can get through it is by leaning on Sonny so they’ll be staying together and only grow deeper in love." In August 2013, Days of Our Lives announced that Massey had left the show in order to pursue his education, and Days had found the "right recast" for Will In June 2011, on the day of his high-school graduation, Will meets the openly gay Sonny through their mutual cousin, Abigail Deveraux.

They become friends, and they form a business partnership with their friend Chad Di Mera.

Sonny stands by Will, as Will had already confided in him about this misdeed.

Sonny confronts Nick, who admits that he is motivated by anti-gay bias, and they come to blows.

In the aftermath of a series of explosions, Sonny frantically searches for Will and, finding him uninjured, kisses him; Will rejects Sonny and they argue, but Will soon realizes he does have feelings for Sonny.