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Nobody should try to fit themselves into a formula of what they are taught that men and women are. Let’s talk about what happens when a gender-non-conforming person does try to fit into the formula that other people expect.

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She is one of those friends that more appropriately falls in the family category; I’d walk through fire for her and her for me.

Kim was the first person I came out to and we’d sneak away to a dodgy lesbian bar on the weekends.

Either of these options are pretty dicey operations because they are destined to fail eventually and it’s like living her life walking on a tightrope. She feels alone and she feels like no one can really see her.

Eventually she stops taking testosterone because it’s no longer a satisfactory way to live.

A childhood of watching women she loved and admired taking on the responsibilities more traditionally assigned to men along with an innate interest in cars led her to becoming a mechanic–both in the air force and as a civilian.


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    All indications point to great news for those, while physicians say it will be before they’re able to formally state the operation a success.

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    They enjoy the company of the rich and powerful and have little difficulty fitting into this unique type of lifestyle.

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    You will need, alas, a webcam if you are to partake in the festivities. If you have a Windows computer, you probably don't have a webcam built-in, and as such will have to buy one. They're sold all over the place, and you get what you pay for.