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A: I typically don’t confront anybody immediately afterward, because I just assume people are like me in that if you give someone a few hours, maybe you let them go look at the replay and you hope they’re understanding and realize you didn’t do it on purpose. I’m really fortunate that I race everyone really clean.

When I have gotten into people and text them or confront them afterwards, I’m typically very sincere.

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And you’re not going a whole lot if you have to use the bathroom during a race anyway.

Plus, if a man has ever tried to pee sitting down with his knees above his waist, it’s a harder than you think it is. Q: And do you have a question I can ask the next driver? A: Who is your favorite teammate at Joe Gibbs Racing and why?

That might be kind of tough if someone says something bad. I feel like I try really hard to always do the right thing.

So I guess you’d want to see if people really respect that.

Q: If a genie promised you a championship in exchange for never being able to do your favorite hobby again, would you accept that offer?