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A steamy new photo has been released previewing the next episode of the Starz drama series Outlander.

was one of the greatest shows on Nickelodeon, if not the most popular show on the network at its time.

After the series ended its fourth season, the cast seemed to kind of disappear.

The reason why he dropped James and started going by Jamie is still unclear.

(I found one older article online that referred to him as James “Jay” Watson, so perhaps he has tried on various moniker hats?

Like we said, they are all super private when it comes to this stuff. The pair is super cute together and have a real hippy aesthetic about them which is really freaking awesome. He's had a few relationships while growing up but now he just enjoys hanging with friends, going to the beach and living his best life at Coachella.


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    For most of us it takes time to get comfortable and make friends.

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