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Yoon Kye Sang: "When I was in my 20's, what I wanted the most was love. All I wanted was the woman I'd been dating for 6 years. I was only thinking of myself and thought I could have her if I tried hard."Kang Dong Won: Q) "It's a random question but have you cried because of love? She was a high school student, she wasn't at the age to deal with my obsession."Jung Ryeo Won: "I even wished him to die because then I could be his last love."Lee Hyori: "I'm not the type that hates men or love only one man in my whole life. I was also a driver of my bored boyfriend."Naul: "While she with me, she never once looked at any other man. Please do not throw stones at a woman who should be happy with a new man in her life and wants to move on with only good memories, however painful it might be."Baek Ji Young: "I fell for him in first sight and asked him out. If we broke up at that time, I wouldn't have dated other men. For that, I'm still thankful."Netizen comments:- Naul's words are so cool ㅠㅠ- Kang Dong Won... my nose is bleeding...- Lee Hyori's crab legs is about Sung Si Kyung ㅋㅋㅋㅋ- Rye Won's words are impressive...

I loved her with all the power from the space, but I figured that some things never worked out. "A) "I have, when I was in my second year of university."Q) "Did you get dumped? Being desperate to be his last...source: kpopkfans via instizyikes @ Kang Dong Won's creeper ass, Jung Rye Won coming for Kim Soo Hyun's overdramatic crown, I'm glad Baek Ji Young's happy now I wonder how those intense love work like i have never gone through it and hope i dont.

Lee Hyori (이효리) is a South Korean singer and actress. She then began her career as a solo artist, releasing her debut album Stylish...

She debuted in 1998 as a member of the girl group Fin.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori will soon kickstart her new variety show, ‘Hyori’s Homestay‘, which will begin airing on June 25th.


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