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Flora and fauna fairs are also held at the mountains, such as the Maha Shivratri fair.

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The base of the mountain, known as Girnar Taleti, is about 4 km east of the center of Junagadh.

There are temples and other sacred places all along this stretch.

Fast forward to Dwaparyug, in the darkness deep inside the cave, Kalayavan mistakenly wakes up Muchukunda from his sleep, and sure to his boon Kalayavan was decimated into ashes instantaneously.

Then Muchukunda was delighted to see Lord Shri Krisha there, who was none other than the Lord Vishnu. Lord Damodar here is considered as Adhipati of Girnar Kshetra. Notwithstanding the story though, today Mount Girnar is even more popular as a Shaiva and Siddha Kshetra.

“Being uncomfortable with history is not means to change it,” he said.