Who is ewan mcgregor dating

News of the actor’s split from Mavrakis emerged after photos of Mc Gregor kissing Winstead were published on Sunday.

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The 46-year-old has not made a public statement since it emerged that Ewan is now dating his co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

But this week, the star felt compelled to respond with a simple but heartbreaking sentence, after a fan posted a comment on one of her Instagram photos.

Mc Gregor and Mavrakis quietly separated in May, says a source.

We’ve reached out to Winstead and Mc Gregor’s reps for official comments.

“The cafe was really busy with people including delivery drivers coming in and out the whole time.” A Mc Gregor family source later told People magazine Sunday that the actor and his production-designer wife of 22 years, Eve Mavrakis, called it quits in May but kept their split private. Mc Gregor, 46, and Winstead, 32, play lovers Ray Stussy and Nikki Swango in the edgy FX series.