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Also, that the Balrog was able to enter the Chamber of Mazarbul suggests either that it was not gigantic or that it was able to change its size (again, see Volume Five for the pros and cons of that issue). The fair copy C has here likewise 'and not much greater' (FR: 'of man-shape maybe, yet greater')" Only in the final form, which is also when 'the wings spread from wall to wall' was added, is it stated to be unambiguously larger than human - though not how much so.

I sold this painting right away and had to do a second for another customer.

I'm really enjoying doing these unique versions of my shadowboxes.

With the new nineteenth volume, Green has outdone herself, as the artists tackle the theme of unexplained events.

It's a book thatreveals Green's considerable skill as a curator and editor, as she carefully balances the mood and flow of this highly entertaining volume." - Rob Clough, The Comics Journal, TCJ.com, High-Low “For a sampling of some of the best independent cartoonists today, one great source is the NOT MY SMALL DIARY anthology.

To facilitate in the use of this text as a reference (and also keep it all straight in my head) I have grouped the arguments around particular quotations that they relate to and listed these quotations at the start of each section.