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I also tend to begin writing in the middle of the story and then work my way through different scenes until the whole thing gets solidified.

Then I go in and write chapters that tie everything together.

I am part of Fangbangers Anonymous: The TB/SVM Writers Directory (fangbangersanonymous. com) that features TB/SVM writers who write mostly or exclusively on Word Press and other independent websites.

Who is dating kat von d

But many of the characters from the rest of the trilogy will appear as well. Can he save the girl he has loved since he was five years old? Because I tend to change a lot in the revision stage, I usually don't begin posting a story until it is pretty much done - except for the editing.

And will Eric and Sookie survive and protect their family as a new generation of enemies rises? On hiatus--but it will return The Nan Flanagan Award: Best Villainous (2nd Place, 2013)The Russell Edgington Award: Best Villain (2nd Place, 2013)The Eric Northman Award: Best Epic Fanfic (2nd Place, 2013)The Bill Compton Award: Best Angst Fanfic (2nd Place, 2013)I was also nominated for many You Want Blood Awards! If I were to begin posting before I completed the story, I know that I would hit myself later when I wanted to radically change a plot point.

The stories will lose something in that process, but I would fast forwards to when Hunter is seventeen.

The focus of the story will be on Hunter and Emma, just as much as Eric and Sookie.

After her horrible experience with the Fae, Sookie is feeling low, but then a certain Viking wanders into Merlotte's. Friday the 13th means a mad turn out for Fangtasia, and perhaps marks the a new era for Eric and Sookie. Sookie Eric.(Sequel to The Trunk) With the Jackson trip having ended very differently than it could have, Sookie has a new lease on life—a life that includes both Eric and a new profession.