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And for once, these films didn’t belittle teenagers nor portray the struggle they lived seem petty or foolish.Teenagers were finally able to see a more accurate portrayal of themselves in film…most of which remain widely relevant today and are hugely responsible for influencing and inspiring teenagers and adults alike. I respect them…some of them are as bright as any of the adults I’ve met.”Tension brews between two rival gangs, the Greasers and the Socs, the lower and upper class.The eighties were perhaps the most prolific decade for teen films since The Golden Age, the 1950’s.

Gilbert and Lewis soon realize that they must start their own fraternity with the help of their new friends Booger and Pointdexter. This film is a classic tale of geeks versus bonehead jocks and serves as an anthem for every teenager who was ever teased or bullied for being smart and unathletic. This underdog film has received a huge cult following after it’s release and has spawned several sequels.

Clay, a college freshman, decides to go home to Los Angeles to spend his Christmas vacation with his wealthy dysfunctional family.

With all of the pressure and stress that surrounds them, the only way they can relax is to party and have fun.

But when Annie starts to get out of control, all of them are put on edge.

To quote John Hughes, one of the most prominent directors of the Eighties, “Many filmmakers portray teenagers as immoral and ignorant, with pursuits that are pretty base… A gang war breaks out when a member of the Socs is murdered in a gang fight by Johnny, a Greaser. Hinton novel by the same name, The Outsiders follows the original storyline precisely.