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He is one of the sport’s greatest crew chief who is expected to get one of the highest salaries.

Knaus has not clearly stated about his sexual orientation whether he is gay or straight.

But entering a season in which he and Johnson will chase a record-tying seventh title in NASCAR's premier series starting in Sunday's Daytona 500, Knaus is single (again), childless and resigned to those being necessary sacrifices."Man, I have failed at that one miserably," he tells USA TODAY Sports with a chuckle. Ray Evernham, who was voted the greatest crew chief in history by a 2006 media panel, hired Knaus at Hendrick more than 20 years ago and recalls the Rockford, Ill., native telling him, "I want to be you within five years." He estimates Knaus has toiled 90-100 hours a week since to achieve it, starting with voluntary double shifts between the team's body shop and a suspension area so he could learn all facets of a stock car."This is all that this guy has ever wanted to do and be," Evernham said.

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This guy has put everything else second in his life."I'm amazed that he's able to keep up with that level of intensity for as many years as he has."But a softer side has emerged over the past few years as Knaus, who turns 43 in August, has become a surrogate uncle to Johnson and wife Chandra's young daughters, Genevieve and Lydia.

Knaus has showered them with gifts -- including a xylophone and a hopscotch mat because "whatever I can do to annoy Jimmie a little, I take pleasure in it" -- and often played at-track babysitter last season."Genevieve is loving you one minute, and the next she's screaming, crying and mad, and it's really weird," Knaus said, pausing to chuckle. I have that effect on women."It's left Johnson feeling sometimes conflicted about whether his professional triumphs come at the price of Knaus' personal fulfillment."I feel for him because I see the joy that being around my children brings, and the respect he has for the relationship Chani and I have," Johnson said.

His birthplace is Rockford, which lies in Illinois, USA.

Currently, Knaus resides in Mooresville, North Carolina, USA.

Chad Anthony Knaus popularly known as Chad Knaus is an American NASCAR crew chief.


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