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A Sagittarius woman in love is looking for a man who can match her mental and physical strengths, one who can explain to her the mystery called life, and one who loves her immensely. Well, I promise you this is a deal better than your dream job, buddy!

A Sagittarius woman in love is trustworthy and straightforward.

As she is scared of intimacy, her love naturally blossoms out from already-existing friendships. As she is supremely open-minded, she will be keenly interested in new and controversial areas of interest like religion and philosophy.

She is a woman who can play by the rules, maintaining an extremely attractive independence even when totally smitten – something that only adds to her aura. Now, your work is to engage her in such discussions. Be prepared because very soon she will be asking you why the earth is round!

A space to pursue their own interests is vital to all Sagittarians.