What are my chances of dating harry styles james martin who is he dating

The solo debut he dropped in March 2016 (on the anniversary of leaving One Direction) might as well have been titled is what you’d expect from a real, live 23-year-old artist who suddenly no longer has to conform to a family-friendly public image.

Styles has done some growing too: He's now 23 and five years removed from a debut album with a song called “Up All Night” that was not a double-entendre at all but literally about dancing all night to Katy Perry.

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What are my chances of dating harry styles

Getting almost any guitar sound outside of acoustic balladry on pop radio is a tough sell these days, but again, a Harry Styles debut won’t be treated like an ordinary debut.

He’d be smart to build on what worked for One Direction, though we’re not exactly pining for a Maroon 5 spin-off like “Drag Me Down.” Something that taps into the U.

He'd probably date a a girl that is minimum 5 years of diffrence. Oh please guys,you really think Harry would date 10 year old? Maybe he actually would date you,if you were mature and look older. So,if you met harry styles,you would be screaming and blabalbla. I just want to say if you watch him as an normal person and you look and act very mature,that's enough. yes, he said he would like someone who is easy to get along with and someone who Is funny.

And even if he said he'd date someone younger I don't believe that's true. But i'm very mature,and i look like i'm 16,and kind of act like that in proper situations.

From his influences to his fashion to his onstage persona to his (formerly) flowing locks, Styles’ vibe has always screamed rock star, and despite the genre’s recent lack of presence on the Billboard Hot 100, he’s got the charisma to make it happen. From , One Direction basically morphed into a pop-leaning rock band, one whose tendency to build songs on guitar and keys was often overshadowed by the fact people insisted on the boy band tag.