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A high proportion of them are migrant workers who travel from the countryside to big cities like Beijing (BJ) in search of work. In 2010, Xuanwu District was merged into Xicheng, and Chongwen District was merged into Dongcheng. The four central districts are located within or just beyond Ring Road Two.This is the location of the old walled city of Beijing and is where you will find most of the sights and also a good deal of sleeping, eating and drinking and entertainment options.A review of that censorship by the University of Toronto's The Citizen Lab revealed a depth of sophistication and hitherto unknown censorship capabilities.

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"The blocking of images on one-to-one chat shows an effort to restrict content across semi-public and private chat functions, demonstrating the sensitivity of Liu Xiaobo's death," the researchers noted.

The outlawed snaps include everything from pictures of Liu Xiaobo in hospital, to simplified cartoon-like images of him using his glasses as a frame of reference, to screengrabs showing censorship, to people commemorating him.

In short, anything that appears to strike a chord and started being shared widely was immediately blocked, demonstrating both the depth and the resources applied to censoring citizens' communications.

It is notable, however, that the Chinese government was only able to shoot down specific images on the chat apps based in China – strongly suggesting that the government has access to the company's backend systems.

For foreign services, such as the encrypted Whats App, they were only able to block all large messages or simply firewall off whole systems in a ham-fisted way.