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Upon returning to the office, I ran that new suspect on Leads Online and found a stolen battery charger taken from the auto repair class at St.

Washburn guitar serial number dating

I received notice from "Leads Online" that they showed several of the i Pads taken from the SAISD in the eco ATM's, they informed me that they did have several of the i Pads on hold and would be sending them to me.

Leads Online provided THREE suspects who sold these items showing the item, serial number, date and time of transaction, complete description to include a driver's license and actual photograph of the exchange; all of which is imperative to a criminal prosecution.

We entered the i Pads by serial number into the Texas Crime Information Center as stolen.

We were at a stand-still regarding possible leads to even submit fingerprints to DPS (AFIS) since at the particular point of the investigation, I did not know if the suspected burglars would be juveniles, and their fingerprints unavailable with AFIS.

Thanks to leads online, TDC has another customer." "I wish to express my gratitude to Leads Online for all the help given to me in my investigation regarding a Burglary.