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You have the option of catering what you spend to the vibe you are trying to send. Instead, meet for a few hours and hit up some quick-service while you walk and talk.

Wandering one of Epcot’s many festivals is a great way to snack and take in some scenery while you get to know each other. An evening table-service before a fireworks spectacular.

Nothing bothers me more than first date introduction questions. ” “Well, I have to ride Peter Pan’s Flight while I’m here.

Here are a few reasons that a Disney first date is the least stressful, most customizable, and most just-plain-enjoyable time you can have getting to know that (possibly, maybe? Yes, getting to know someone new can be immensely fun and exciting, but before we get to the good stuff let’s talk about one cold hard fact: dating is expensive.

If you told any one of us that we were guaranteed to meet our soulmate, we would gladly empty our bank accounts to scratch that itch deep in our chests.

If you do desire a more fond finale, offer to walk your date to their car, or ask them to walk you to yours.

If your Disney first date hasn’t ended with an amorous addition to your life, no big deal.

The sad fact is, though, that oftentimes we leave a first date calculating everything we spent and comparing it to the lackluster experience we purchased.