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Fixed: Sorting a playlist or folder by Release Date did not process the time component of the release date correctly.

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New device profiles are added to Mezzmo as soon as they pass testing. New: Fast hardware acceleration when transcoding videos.

Take advantage of your Nvidia NVENC-enabled graphic card, Intel Quick Sync-enabled CPU and Microsoft Direct3D-enabled graphics card.

Assuming you keep i Tunes on the default setting and let the app manage your music files and songs, i Tunes will store all of your media nicely in the Music directory of your home folder, with each song kept in a folder according to the album and album artist.

Though you’ll usually never need to directly access those files directly, if you’re looking to move your i Tunes library to another location or external hard drive, back up your music manually, or make edits to songs directly, you will need file system access to the i Tunes music files on your computer.

Fixed: Burning subtitles from image-based embedded subtitles (PGS, DVD, VOB). Search for Mezzmo in Roku Channels or go to https://com/account/add? New: Support for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) transcoding and streaming.