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At least they are acknowledging that they HAVE a relationship, even if it’s not the one we want.” At this point, an X-Files romance was looking pretty much inevitable — but they were still taking their sweet time with it, teasing fans with adorable cuddly moments like this one, which was the last scene in the “alien baseball player” episode written by David Duchovny himself.

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For those of us who wanted to believe in a happy ending for the very special agents of The X-Files, the advance chatter around the show’s upcoming return has already included one giant buzzkill of a revelation: Sometime between the end-credits scene from the last X-Files movie and the opening moment of the new series, Mulder and Scully broke up.

Chris Carter confirmed the Sculder split in August 2015, prompting a great deal of wailing from the X-Files fanbase, who never expected to still be riding the emotional roller coaster of this fictional relationship after 25 years, nine seasons, and two movies.

Her three albums have sold over 32 million copies worldwide. In the mid-1990s, when the Internet was in its infancy, it was far easier for celebrities to keep secrets.

Before you watch the movie, get the facts about Aaliyah. However, in January 1995 the magazine published a copy of their marriage certificate. Since she was too young to get married without her parents’ permission, the marriage was illegal and was annulled.

If people weren’t wondering yet whether these two might eventually end up seminude together, they were certainly thinking about it after this.


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