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Early glue was made from animal products ( including hide, bones and fish) melted in a glue kettle and mixed with water. Importantly this glue is revesible and therefore antique 'friendly', as opposed to modern PVC glue which is neither.

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As you come downstairs you wait for your date to “call on you”.

While waiting you take notice of your decorating scheme.

Forget the modern/contemporary era of simplistic furniture, clean lines, and bold colors, you’re staying in the height of fashion so your home reflects one of three popular styles: Renaissance/Italian, Medieval/Queen Anne or Gothic Revival.

You take pride in the fact your home incorporates the light colors, frescoed ceilings, chandeliers, elaborate ceiling cornices, pediments above doors and marble fireplaces of the Renaissance theme.

Other factors such as the colour of the mark, how it’s applied or the numbered codes within the design can often date a piece to the exact year it was produced and tell you where or who the specific artist was.


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