Verbal nonverbal communication in dating

Applied recommendations for evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment are offered.

In addition, a clinical case example, along with supporting evaluation data, is provided.

In general, children with this disorder demonstrate increasing difficulty as the spatial aspects of the task increase.

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For example, right hemisphere dysfunction may produce a number of specific deficits not seen in the typical NVLD presentation (Ardila & Ostrosky-Solis, 1984).

These may include more severe speech prosody deficits, more pronounced deficits with planning and organization, and more severe tactile-spatial deficits.

Separate theoretical developmental models have emerged that emphasize the role of the right cerebral hemisphere (Goldberg & Costa, 1981) versus the role of subcortical white matter systems (Rourke, 1987) to explain deficits common to both conditions.

Overall, however, these models may be more complementary rather than contradictory in that they both yield accurate predictions regarding deficits under somewhat different circumstances (Rourke, 1995a).

There has also been evidence to suggest a greater risk for suicide (Rourke, Young, & Leenaars, 1989).