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When the macro has finished, you switch the updating back on.It looks like this: It is a pain, if the program gets an error and crashes before it has switched the screen updating back on.

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If you don't use error handling (like here), the program will just crash.

Here we wrote "On Error Go To Error Handle", so if you get an error, the program will jump to the label "Error Handle:" and after the errorhandling it will meet the "Resume Before Exit".

Similar to selecting ranges and objects to perform an action in the sheet, an explicit reference to the sheet also slows down processing. For example, the following code references the same cell (value) six times: Function Return Fee Slow() Select Case Range("I4") Case 1 Return Fee = Range("I4") * 10 Case 2 Return Fee = Range("I4") * 20 Case 3 Return Fee = Range("I4") * 30 Case 4 Return Fee = Range("I4") * 40 Case 5 Return Fee = Range("I4") * 50 End Select Msg Box Return Fee, vb OKOnly End Function At the very least, Return Fee Slow() makes two explicit references to I4.

It's not changing the value, it's using the value in a simple expression.

To disable updates to the Status Bar, use the Display Status Bar property as follows: If your macro is analyzing a lot of data, consider setting the Calculation property to Manual while the macro is running. Calculation = xl Calculation Automatic Macros can trigger unnecessary event procedures. In short, you simply combine the two statements and delete the Select method and the Selection object.