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Grey’s Anatomy follows the staff of Seattle Grace Hospital as they navigate the delicate balance of work and personal endeavors, success and failure and life and death.

Each week millions are treated to complex and layered storylines that contain riveting, tension filled medical cases and heartfelt relationship dramas.

October is an American journalist and host who is presently the correspondent of the HLN since May 2014.

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She is a Libra and is one of the few journalists in the world who takes criticisms at the best- laughing at it, owning up the mistake and apologizing for it.

Yasmin Vossoughian was born as the youngest daughter of Dr. A high school graduate of Northfield Mount Herman School, Yasmin went on to do her under graduation in History and Economics with a minor in theatre from the Occidental College in Los Angeles, CA.

Very interestingly in her first assignment she went all the way to Tehran all by herself and made a documentary on the underground youth culture there.

Right from editing to the reporting and shooting- everything was done by Yasmin all alone and it was because of this very work she was awarded the CINE Golden Eagle Awards in 2006.

I was certain we were going to get married since we were around the same age. Kelly Le Brock Kelly Lebrock was so hot, she’s what we imagined a computer would create if it was given the task of coming up with the hottest girl in the world.