Ebony wommen adelaide xxx cams - Updating to 4 01 m33

Hi, I have the FLAT61 and have tested it and its fantastic!I will edit some test shots I finally got on Saturday night and upload them as soon as I can.

updating to 4 01 m33-61

Timm Thanks - sorry about the light pollution in these images, but I wanted to post pictures that were as close to unedited as possible. The threads are very fine, and I almost started cross threading the original back onto it once, then I was more careful after that.

Other than compression to fit the requirements here, these are unedited. If you look at me in the white t-shirt taking pictures of the eclipse, I didn't have the flattener on there, and instead just used a 2" photo extender and Canon T-ring. Here is a composite of 10 pictures of Vega, shot using the WO ZS61 first without the Flat61 and then with the Flat61.

If there is any decrease in focal length it is very tiny.

I kind of want this scope to use with my 1.25" lunt herschel wedge and 1.25" baader solar contiuum filter.

The trim ring and dew shields are both blue, as is the fine focuser knob, and later I got the matching blue dovetail once it was available.