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For all of these reasons, you should go for neutral colours for your capsule.

Navy, olive, chocolate, grey, petrol blue and the ever popular black – and in summer add ‘greige’.

Xanthone is the active ingredient in Garcinia mangostana, a fruit endemic in Southern Philippines, its rind (pericarp) have been used for traditional medicine for centuries.

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Updating time capsule

It is required for the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria during the breakdown of lipids (fats) for the generation of metabolic energy.

L-carntine is widely available as a nutritional supplement. MX3 NATURAL PURE XANTHONE TEA is a dietary supplement made from the antioxidant-rich Garcinia mangostana.

The reason for this is that colour doesn’t last in fashion.

Elements of the capsule wardrobe can last indefinitely – colours don’t.

I’ll come back to this next week when I look at jackets in detail.