ip dating media ltd - Updating proteus vx

You may find that unloading and reloading the bank file fixes the problem.

possibly either Proteus is exploding when Reaper asks for the MIDI program names, or Reaper is exploding when it gets the program names back.

Is it possible to insert the plugin into a project without having it point to any sound bank (so there are no programs)? Sounds like a problem with the MIDI program lane though ...

I am using Reaper ver 2.53 on a core2duo machine running win XP home with SP2, 2.66ghz with 2 gb ram.

I can run multiple instances of VX, but if I run more than 2 instance of X2 it will run for a 3 or 4 seconds and then I get a message that Reaper has to shut down because of an error. Once the bank loads the mouse pointer starts going back and forth between pointer and hourglass until I delete X2 and save the project.

I can't send the error report because my music computer has no internet connection.


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