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Primary Key is a combination of unique and not null. DSWait For File Checks if a BASIC routine is cataloged, either in VOC as a callable item, or in the catalog space. (Oconv) ________________________________________ DATASTAGE FAQ from GEEK INTERVIEW QUESTIONS ________________________________________ Question: Dimension Modeling types along with their significance Answer: Data Modelling is broadly classified into 2 types. Most importance of using it is, it is independent of underlying database, i.e.

updating nextval in sequence in oracle-72

*Filter candidates using Test Your and save 80% time ( saving time for recruiters and interviewers) *More than 50% candidates can be filtered on Candidate Screening online tests *Inbuilt exams are available in library, created and tested by experts Try Today... Answer: Parallel Processing is broadly classified into 2 types. Question: What is Modulus and Splitting in Dynamic Hashed File? Question: Have you ever involved in updating the DS versions like DS 5.

DATASTAGE Frequently asked Questions and Tutorials: 1. Answer: In a Hashed File, the size of the file keeps changing randomly. The often Parameterized variables in a job are: DB DSN name, username, password, dates W. X, if so tell us some the steps you have taken in doing so? The following are some of the steps: Definitely take a back up of the whole project(s) by exporting the project as a file See that you are using the same parent folder for the new version also for your old jobs using the hard-coded file path to work.

Answer: As the names itself suggest what they mean. The Data file has a default size of 2GB and the overflow file is used if the data exceeds the 2GB size. Question: Compare and Contrast ODBC and Plug-In stages? Question: What are OConv () and Iconv () functions and where are they used? Question: Functionality of Link Partitioner and Link Collector?

Derivation - Expression that specifies value to be passed on to the target column. B) Dynamic - sub divided into 2 types i) Generic ii) Specific Default Hased file is "Dynamic - Type Random 30 D" Question: What are Static Hash files and Dynamic Hash files? Answer: Container is a collection of stages used for the purpose of Reusability. A) Local Container: Job Specific B) Shared Container: Used in any job within a project. Answer: By using "Excec SH" command at Before/After job properties.

DSTransform Error Convert a job control status or error code into an explanatory text message. B) Snowflake Schema - Complex with more Granularity. Question: Importance of Surrogate Key in Data warehousing?