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Once the infrared data matches up and dovetails with data from other technologies, the actual operating condition of all assets can read out as an integrated entity. Begin by using existing lists of equipment from a computer managed maintenance system (CMMS) or other inventory tool. Eliminate items that are not well suited for infrared measurement. (Note: On some pieces of equipment, you may want to regularly capture multiple thermal images of key components or subsystems.) 6.

Download the baseline images into software, and document your route with location descriptions, inspection notes, emissivity, and RTC levels and alarm levels if appropriate. When the next inspection is due, if your imager supports uploading, simply load the previous inspection images onto the camera and follow the onscreen prompts.

He has a master's degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA.

To keep your thermography inspections accurate, effective, and safe, establish written inspection procedures for measurement collection and interpretation.

By monitoring equipment performance and scheduling maintenance when needed, these facilities reduce the likelihood of unplanned downtime due to equipment failure, spend less on "reactive" maintenance fees and equipment repair costs, extend the lifespan of machine assets, and further maximize maintenance and production.