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The Additional Information section below has more information. We have addressed common questions in the Q&A below. NET Framework support lifecycle, visit the Microsoft .

NET 4.5.2 that are not fully compatible with earlier . We include these changes only when absolutely necessary in the interests of security, in order to comply with industry wide standards, or in order to correct a previous incompatibility within . Additionally, there are a small number of changes included in . Even a large software application such as Exchange that was built using .

If you would update your solution to use these latest packages, it would not work with Share Point 2016 anymore.

When working with Share Point Framework solutions compatible with Share Point hosted on-premises, you should always verify which patch level the target Share Point farm has and which version of the Share Point Framework it supports.

Share Point client-side development tools use the npm package manager to manage dependencies and other required Java Script helpers. When you create a new client-side solution, the yeoman generator for Share Point fetches the latest Share Point Framework packages required for your client-side project.


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