www vipexclusivedating com - Updating genius itunes

Under the Store menu in i Tunes 9, select Turn On Genius (see below) to turn on the feature.

If you've already used Genius in the past, just select Update Genius from the same menu.

This is actually quite an important screen, since it describes how to use the different features.

To send those Genius Mixes to the i Phone, check the appropriate boxes, and then click the Apply button to sync them to your i Phone.

The next time you launch the i Pod app on your i Phone, you'll notice that a Genius button appears (see screenshot below).

If you've set up Genius Mixes, we'd love to hear how they're working out for you.

Rarely, the App Store might get stuck during an app update and this might affect Genius Scan.

You'll have to agree to the terms of service, and once that's done, information about your Library is sent to Apple.