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On the right of the 3 appears to be an ARC tunable navigation radio. Inflight view of an Aero Commander 680 as the USAF L-26C-AD serial number 55-4647. This aircraft was for used as a presidential aircraft. Only about 30 of the model 720's were manufacutred. The wings and tail can be removed and towed behind when used as an automobile. Before going into production the company was renamed American Aviation.

Some 929 AA-1 airplanes were built by American Aviation, which was then sold to become Gumman American Aviation.

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Most of these images are "period" or factory images taken when the aircraft was new or shortly after entering service, rather than recently restored examples.

Most are now sized to show full screen when your display is set to 1200x720 resolution so you can see some detail. At one time this link was identified as "My Favorite Propeller Driven Aircraft." The aircraft shown on this earlier link are all now shown on Images of Propeller Driven Transport Aircraft.

North American Rockwell purchased the rights to this airplane in 1965 for manufacturing by their Aero Commander divison.

Aero Commander named it the Darter Commander, with 150 HP Lycoming engine. The Aero Commander 200 was originally the Meyers 200 (see below for a ground view of the Meyers 200).

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