Updating connection failed nm ifupdown

Olli Salonen added a note on his webpage about upcoming problems with some distros, referring to a similar tool as an alternative: easystroke. Here's what I did for "btnx": $ sudo apt-get install build-essential libgtk2.0-0 libgtk2.0-dev libglade2-0 lib glade2-dev pkg-config [dependencies: libxml2-dev] $ wget $ tar -xvvf btnx-0.3.2gz $ cd btnx-0.3.2 $ make $ sudo make install $ wget $ tar -xvvf btnx-config-0.2.1gz $ cd btnx-config-0.2.1 $ ./configure --prefix=/opt/btnx-config $ make $ sudo make install - Run "Applications btnx": detect mouse and mouse-buttons configure mouse-buttons (such as "Back" to "ALT Left", etc.) enable the buttons you want to be handled by btnx (e.g.all buttons but left, right, wheel up, wheel down, middle button) save configuration and restart btnx - Also see "Help" inside "btnx-config", Trouble-Shooting: "Forward" always triggered an additional event in my configuration.

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A problem which has become quite annoying is that after the boot sequence, the mouse sometimes does not work.

To fix this, I need to reboot the machine (or unplug and plug the USB-mouse back in again).

However, before I start, here's a link on the current format used to entries in the fstab -- quite interesting in comparison to the traditional approach: Understanding fstab.

However, note that I'm having some issues on Ubuntu 9.04.

After another reboot (requested by the Ubuntu system), I had a proper X-server running again. this time it completed package installations and configurations.