Updating cabinetry

updating cabinetry-58updating cabinetry-61

We also replaced the doors to reflect a raised panel style and changed the hinges from the exposed type to the European hinges.

But I can’t imagine if we had gone through the painting process and not added the trim pieces because they are now my favorite part! You will instantly receive an email from Feed Burner and you will need to click the link to activate your subscription.

What I don’t enjoy is the backend technical stuff and it seems that’s all I’ve been dealing with this week!

As you might have noticed, my site has been down more than it’s been up lately, which makes me sad. When I was cleaning up the kitchen last night I started thinking about the makeover we did when we first moved into the house some years back. Yuck.) The previous owners had painted the cabinets already, but they used two different colors and so when we moved in, I wanted to repaint them to be just one color.

Painted kitchen cabinets are still quite popular and so if you’re thinking about painting yours, consider adding some molding and trim to give it a more custom and contemporary look.