Updating bf2142

System Requirements: Having played the pre-release demo of the original Battlefield 1942 game, I can say I've been around PC gaming for some time.

Two years ago EA shut down the servers for Battlefield 2142, so there's no official way to play the future shooter these days.

This fan revival sees it live once again, with fully functioning leaderboards, in-game ranks and working servers.

There's a game adviser while playing, but it didn't really explain much when it came to the game's Titan mode (no the mechs aren't the Titans like Titanfall). For one there isn't many servers available to play on anymore.

As of 02/13/2014, I only saw about 5 servers available.

Battlefield 2142 Deluxe Edition features the fully updated original hit game plus the Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike booster pack. As a new ice age depletes the planet’s resources, two massive multinational coalitions wage a brutal war for the only cause that matters—survival.