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So if you’ve been yearning to frame your clipped on mirrors, read on! Cut the wood to the dimensions measured at a 45 degree angle Place the piece of wood against the mirror and mark the location of the clips with a pen or pencil.

Using a utility knife, carefully make slices into the wood between the marks.

I used to attach it to the top of the mirror frame. Caulk is a DIY’ers best friend when they are installing crown molding and want it to look good. Since the mirrors are not quite finished and I don’t have a pretty AFTER photo for you, I thought I would end this post with something pretty.

I first positioned the front piece and taped it securely in place until dry. I found this Waverly fabric at my favorite fabric place on Wed – the day I took off.

As always Karen – thanks for letting me borrow your saw. I am getting used to this one, but I know there are so many other brands that are just as good. I cut 2 –5 1/2” wide Mdf boards(Top and Bottom – Horizontal) to the width I needed and 2 – 3 1/2” wide boards to the height ( left and right sides) I needed. I then painted the back edges of each of the cut boards the same color that the front will be – white – so that when they are mounted around the mirror the mirror doesn’t reflect unfinished wood. Use a bubble level to make sure all the boards are straight and level.