Updating apple firmware

Wahoo updates your KICKR's firmware (a kind of software) frequently to deliver the best indoor training experience possible.Ensuring you have the latest firmware resolves many issues, keeping you cranking and on the podium.We are really excited to give a talk at Ekoparty in Buenos Aires on September 29th, 2017 covering some recent research we have done on the security support being given to Apple’s EFI firmware.

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Update May 24, 2017: Apple has released firmware version 3.7.2 for the Air Pods.

It's unknown at this time exactly what comes with the update, but it's likely smaller fixes and improvements.

Back in February, Apple quietly rolled out a firmware update for Air Pods, the company's wireless earbuds.

Early adopters scrambled to the internet, as they do, looking for ways to manually update their firmware from only to come away disappointed.

DO NOT INTERFERE with the device when it is being updated, doing so may mess up the update.