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West Texas A&M University is dedicated to providing a learning and working environment that is free of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation for all employees, students, and visitors.Our commitment to equal employment opportunity, program accessibility, and affirmative action must occur in all aspects of our daily operations and everyone must take responsibility for creating an atmosphere that values diversity and promotes inclusion, fairness and respect.

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He said he had written to university bosses out of concern that this duty is being put at risk by policies of “safe spaces and no-platforming”.

The policies – typically put in place by student unions in a bid to protect students from discrimination and language they may find offensive – have led to fraught debate in recent months.

The Free Speech University Rankings (FSUR), drawn from examining the policies and bans of 115 universities and student unions, found almost two-thirds (63.5 per cent) were “severely” restrictive of free speech, with Russell Group institutions found to be significantly more censorious than average.

The NUS official “no-platform” list contains six groups including the British National Party and Al-Muhajiroun, a banned Islamic network in the UK.

Individual unions and student groups can, however, decide on their own policies and reject people on an individual basis.