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Grievous hurt includes fracture or dislocation of bone or tooth.

In your case it seems that tooth of one of the person was broken, the punishment for such a small looking thing is much grave. The entrustment shall not be taken as technically actual transfer of the property.

It is rare that you require medication to get rid of the virus, your immune system does that for you.

If you can’t confirm you were infected as a child, you will need to wait the six months to find out if you cleared your infection.

Please be patient and do not panic, but remember you do need to take precautions during this time to make sure you don’t spread the infection to others.

If you were infected at birth, there is a chance that your siblings may also be infected.

Sexual partners and close household members should also be tested.

The specific test that indicates if you are infected is the hepatitis B surface antigen (HBs Ag) test.