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Francis de Sales was a writer and so he is patron of journalists and writers. He was one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus and his attribute is a club. When he died of malaria, Maria's mother had to struggle to feed her children.

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Clare of Assisi was named patron of television because one Christmas when she was too ill to leave her bed she saw and heard Christmas Mass -- even though it was taking place miles away. Joan of Arc is the patroness of soldiers and of France.

Saint Paul is one of the most important and influential of all the saints. Born in 1586 in Lima, Peru to Spanish colonists, and named Isabel Flores de Olivia, she was exceptionally beautiful. On January 6, 1412, Joan of Arc was born to pious parents of the French peasant class in the obscure village of Domremy, near ... She was a wealthy woman of Salonika, in Thessaly, who used her personal funds to aid the poor. Catherine of Siena was born during the outbreak of the plague in Siena, Italy on March 25, 1347.

The original settlement was on dry sand and gravel peninsula that provided a strategic crossing point in the marshy valley of the River Sow, a tributary of the River Trent.

There is still a large area of marshland northwest of the town, which has always been subject to flooding, such as in 1947, 20.

After many years, being a priest and an experienced and holy ...