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But Jerome was chemical engineer and Einstein smart while Fallon had been gorgeous and was still a very attractive woman.

Even at 51, Fallon Gregory looked closer to 40 and many said 35, and that had made the divorce even harder.

She could either have child support for another six years, or a no-interest loan worth quite a bit more than the amount she'd receive in monthly payments.

Since Stone and the business were all she had left, it was an easy choice.

I need a boutonniere for Stone," the pretty 18-year old high school senior told the mother of her boyfriend. If you're dating my handsome son, you're like family, and families take care of each other. " Courtney paid using her mom's credit card and after another thank you and a brief hug, another satisfied customer left Fallon's Floral Boutique with a beautiful boutonniere in hand and a smile on her face.