Totally absolutely adult dating personals

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Fortunately, Steve and I have the kind of relationship wherein we can both be totally honest about our turn-ons and fantasies, so I don’t have to lie about it. From a “receiving” perspective, it’s definitely a face full of cum, a big load in my pussy, having my asshole licked and sucked until I orgasm, having my toes sucked and being fucked REALLY hard for a long time by a big cock. Janet: I have a personal fetish for giving handjobs and watching the cum squirt out - especially onto my face.

Besides, he’s got a bigger-than-average one himself, so he’s not insecure about his size, and that helps. But getting dolled up in dresses and skirts is always nice. I’m also like having my feet worshipped by men with foot fetishes and giving them foot-jobs.

Ever since we went online, though, most of them contact us after visiting the sites. Janet: Steve and I do swing with other couples but only on very rare occasions.

The only guys we ever pursue locally are super-young guys (18-22 or so) from the local university. He’s very picky about women and also many guys “force” their wives into this lifestyle.

In addition to her two adult web sites, which she and Steve do mostly for fun in their spare time.