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As a general rule ,web development companies will charge you according to the hours of work needed to build the website Resources Needed So whether you are building website using ready-made software or custom solutions you need three basic things to gets it started.

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These photos and astro profiles are storage consuming Recommendation Startup website- For startup website ,i recommend to start it with 5GB disk space plan.

Here is the detailed size calculation to understand the fact hosting script = 10 MB Email accounts = 500 MB (5 accounts of 100 mb each) Database size = 50 MB Profile photo = 5 MB per profile( 3 photos of 1.5 MB of each photo) 5 GB = 5120(5*1024) MB So 5GB disk space stores up-to 1024 photos of 300 profiles. Site with large Data If you are plan to start a site with large data(Data in your hand) then you need a server that accommodates all of your data.

People will pay the website owner to view the detailed information(contact information or other features) of the other profiles.

Owner-Website owner is the person who is the overall in-charge or running the website service.

How to build a Matrimonial Website(Quick Review) You can build the matrimonial website in either of these two ways 1)Using Ready-made software 2) Building custom application each method has its own advantages and dis-advantages.